About this Blog

I would hope from the title of this blog that you got the general idea of what I will be talking about.

I have a passion for animals of all kinds, so being able to work in an Animal Hospital is a blessing. However because I have the most amazing cat in the world the feline species is especially near and dear to my heart. Besides I am sure we can all agree that funny cat videos are far more entertaining thefunny dog videos. 
My cats name is Scylla (Sil-la). The name is from the Homers Odyssey. If you are interested in reading about the monster Scylla check out the Wikipedia page. Its a pretty cool story.

Now for the cupcakes, I have this strange obsession with miniature things; mini cheese graders, mini scissors, mini art canvas and easels. If it is miniature I love it. I eat with children's silverware and bake mini cakes. That said cupcakes just make logical sense for me to be obsessed with. 

Last but not least is my most recent interest, nail art. I have started my collection of nail polishes and other nail accessories and it is slowly but surely growing. I am sure the pros out there would consider my collection puney but I am proud of it and love adding to it.

I hope you will subscribe and enjoy the random cat posts, but most importantly watch my growth when it comes to decorating cupcakes and nail art.