Sunday, November 6, 2011

Silver & Black Leopard Toes

So I have noticed there are a lot less toes out there then finger nails. However I love having my toes done just as cute as my nails! Not to mention you get to use your dominate hand for both feet. I had tried a Hello Kitty design a few weeks ago and lets just say I am going to leave that one to the imagination. I found a leopard print design that I thought was really cute but I did take some artistic freedom and make it my own.
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So the reality of the situation is I don't have any rhinestones yet, so this was not an option to copy exactly. Plus I am not the biggest fan of the single rhinestones on each toe. I tried to mimic the big toe because that is my favorite and then decided to do a black tip french with some silver glitter underneath.

This is what I ended up with.
Overall I think it is super cute!

You can see the silver under the black a bit more here.

Close up of my favorite toe

I just used some pink glitter polish instead of the pink rhinestones. I wish I had the rhinestones for it though, I bet it would have been that much cuter! However I would probably still do something similar to what I did on the rest of my toes.

Have a wonderful day!

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